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CJ Miles To Get The Start Tonight Against The Lakers

Jerry Sloan has made another lineup change. According to Jon Rinehart (director of communication for the Jazz), CJ will be starting in place of Andrei Kirilenko (Gordon Hayward got the last start)


I think Sloan wants to see who is going to be best going forward in that position. Hayward got his shot against the Sixers. CJ getting the start isn't a result of Hayward's play (nor AK's), but rather an evaluation on whether a change will do the team good. Sloan joked (maybe?) that the media made him do it. There certainly has been pressure from the media and fans to make a change given the slow starts of the team.

I don't know if this change will make a difference though either. Like I tweeted, the Williams/Bell/CJ/Millsap/Jefferson unit is a bad 5 when you look at the numbers on (unit #4). They give up a lot more point then our starting unit and the scoring is about the same. The shooting percentage is worse. The rebounding percentage is worse.

None of the units with Bell and Miles on the floor at the same time are good with the exception of one. In that one (#10), Jefferson is swapped out for Elson.

Maybe the first substitution will be AK for Bell and move CJ to the 2. That has been our best unit. I just hope we're not too far behind by then.