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10 Reasons not to be down on the Jazz right now

Okay guys, things are bad now. But they aren't going to be bad forever. To liven things up, here's 10 reasons not to be down on the Jazz right now:

    10. Traffic in LA is so bad, you'd still be on your way home right now if you went to the game and stayed for your Taco.
    9. Losses in Philly, Washington, and New Jersey can be deducted as charitable donations. Q1 isn't too early in the year to look for ways to save.
    8. Raja Bell has shot 7-27 in the last five games as our starting Shooting Guard. Imagine how much worse he'd be if he was coming into the game cold, off the bench!
    7. Repeated losses are bad for business, at least that'll get Greg Miller's attention.
    6. It's never good to lose to the team that always beats you -- and lose by 40 points. The Jazz only lost by 29. It still only counts as one loss, not two or three. And if we always lose there, why are you crying? Eh, wassamatta wit' 'cho?
    5. Utah's not the only team in the league to have a skid so far this season. In the Eastern Conference: the Miami Heat had lost 4 games in a row, and 4 games out of 5 so far this season; the Knicks have lost 6 games in a row, twice this season; the Atlanta Hawks have lost 4 games in a row, and 7 out of 9 during a stretch this season; and the Orlando Magic have lost 4 games in a row twice, and 8 games out of 9 during a bad spell for them this season. And in the Western Conference, well: the Dallas Mavericks have lost 6 games in a row, and a losing patch of 7 out of 8 games; the New Orleans Hornets have lost 11 of 16 games during a sequence earlier this season; and even the mighty Lakers have had a series of four losses in a row. The Jazz have five losses in a row right now. Maybe the streak ends tonight? You gotta play the games.
    4. Maybe this will cause a chain reaction where a) our team comes together now after every media outlet has said bad things about them, b) the line-ups will be changed, and c) our best players start playing like our best players should.
    3. SHEEEESH! Did you see what Jeremy "Elevator Action" Evans did last night? He had five "yo momma" dunks on the Lakers in 8 minutes of action. It's crazy that he came into that game with an eFG% of 70%, and after the game against the defending champs, it got higher. (For those at home, he's off the charts in advanced stats this year - and even leads the Jazz in PER)
    2. We got another mention on The Basketball Jones! There's no such thing like bad press, right fellas? PS. Tas needs to wear that Wes Matthews Jersey at some stage to exorcise these demons right now.

    1. Hey, at least we not Cleveland Cavaliers fans.