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Andrei Kirilenko Talks To

Excerpts from an interview with the online Russian Sports site (thanks to NetsDaily for the link). All items are from Google translate

On the "smell of freedom (free agency)"

A bit frightening really. Never been in this situation. New sensation. Although who knows what will happen in the summer. Do not forget about the possibility of lockout.

Maybe someone who knows Russian can translate this portion better? Is he talking about his free pass?

В Юте русских "тусовок", небось, не найти

Может, они там и есть, но только без меня проходят.

- In Utah, the Russian "partying", I suppose, is not found.

- Maybe they are there and there, but without me pass.

Apparently he's been taking some flak in Russia for becoming an American citizen. His response to that:

I did not expect for such a response and did not want me to be misunderstood. This is a normal practice among athletes who play for a long time in another country. It's just very convenient, takes a lot of problems and headaches. But I am not in any way do not renounce the citizenship of Russia, will continue to play for the national team. So no reason to worry, no one should not be.

On his hair cut (or lack of cut)

Do you back a new hairstyle. So long-haired you've ever seen - were once the "hedgehog" and "Iroquois" a la Beckham. Just stopped to get a haircut?

- I'm already a year about her hair grow. That is, haircut, but less frequently. Nothing, I like my wife likes, everybody likes. In CSKA, of course, such a hairstyle would be called hazing. (Laughs.)

No Andrei, everybody does not like.

On the team's recent struggles

Who knows? Simple answer is not here. Strange we have a team. That last year was part of a balanced one. Weak, we were winning, with strong "were cut" and lost. Everything is logical. And here - just the opposite. And like a good play, and look at our defeats ... "Washington", "NJ", "Memphis" - entirely outsiders. Do the Clippers barely won in Minnesota. It is unclear to me. Maybe the fact that the team is fairly new. In the sense that it's a lot of new players. Gone Boozer and Korver, to which I could get used to. With Boozer all played together for six years. And the new guys are still together adjust oneself.

They also talk to Sloan and his thoughts on AK