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Preview - Detroit Pistons (11-22) @ Utah Jazz (23-11)

Amar probably would have been better suited to write a preview about the Pistons given his proximity to the team.  I can't say that I've followed them at all this season.  I know they're struggling but I can't say with any authority why.  I can peruse their stats and make some educated guesses though.

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is that their offense isn't very good.  They're currently ranked 20th in the league in scoring efficiency at just 104.9 point per 100 possessions.  That isn't the worst in the league but when you can only muster 75 points against the Suns, you have issues.  They were without Rodney Stuckey in that game (who's going to limited tonight)

Also, you know how the Jazz have a reputation for being a hard-nosed, knock you on your can, Jerry Sloan-type team even though we really have been that way for a while?  Well, Detroit's reputation from a several years ago of being a good defensive team has always carried over in my mind.  However, they haven't been an elite defensive team for the past two and half seasons.  That in large part is to do with that they're near the bottom of the league in total rebounding.  That just doesn't compute.  It's true though. When they were winning a title and competing for titles, their offense wasn't the best but their defense could shut you down.

They've tried to make splashes the past couple of seasons by doling out their money on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva but it hasn't brought them any success.

Of their 11 wins, the quality ones have come against New Orleans, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and most recently, Boston.  They've also played in a league-high 5 overtime games in which they're 3-2.

Even when the Pistons were winning a title and contending, the Jazz always played them well.  In fact, the Jazz haven't lost to Detroit since Memo's first year with the Jazz.  Since then, it's been 10 straight wins.

The Jazz are trying to get out of their .500 tailspin.  A win tonight would give them back to back wins since they took care of the Cavs, Bucks, and Wolves triumvirate.  I know that that wasn't too long ago, but we need to get on a nice little winning streak here.

Tonight's game also marks the return of Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr since, well, when he was here as part of the Knicks last season.  It feels longer though, right?  Before that, you have to go back to April, 2008 for his last regular season appearance and May of the same year for his last overall appearance.

He'll be starting tonight in place of Stuckey per

CJ is a go while Memo will be out.

There's still some cheap tickets for tonight's game (and against the Hawks and Knicks)  Check out the graph below and click on through to take a look.