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Preview - Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors

Let's hope the Jazz hold the Warriors to this line again:


  • 37.6% FG%
  • 2-14 from the arc
  • 16 turnovers
  • 13-22 from the stripe
  • 85 points
However, let's hope the Jazz don't don't give up 21 offensive rebounds again and turn the ball over 19 times.  The Jazz didn't shoot that much better, just 39%, but the Ws had 93 shot attempts to Utah's 76.

As Locke pointed out, the Jazz and Warriors are two of the worst defensive rebounding teams in the league.  In fact, if you were sitting court-side for this game, it's possible that you could could collect more defensive boards than anyone on either team.

The Warriors have dropped the first three games of their eight-game home-stand and four overall.  This was after they had won four straight.  They may have a different coach but their offensive/defensive efficiency remains about the same.  Their 11th in the league on offense and 28th on defense.

Stephen Curry remains their best scorer.  Mona Ellis can put it up as well but is a lot less efficient.  Reggie Williams and Dorell Wright can also score well.

The Jazz will be without Deron Williams once again according to the Jazz as he continues to rest his wrist.  Memo didn't make the trip and Fesenko should be available.

We should see a lot of what we saw them do against the Timberwolves.  Extra passes.  Pushing the ball and some good games from Millsap and Kirilenko.  We'll see if the Warriors back-court goes off again.