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Jazz Fail To Get A W Against The Ws

We're this close to having an eight-game losing streak.  A slim lead over the Timberwolves late could have ended in Minnesota's favor.

I don't buy the excuse of not having Deron or Memo tonight.  One, Memo hasn't been himself since he's been back so there wasn't much lost there.  Second, the team did fine last night without Deron relatively speaking.  Tonight, there was nothing from the offense.  You could make a case that Golden State is the worst defense in the NBA.  

Even without Deron, this team should have been able to score on the Warriors defense.  Missed layups and other close shots became the theme of the first quarter.  They got down by 14 in the second quarter but were able to close it to 4 at the half.  In the third, they were able to keep it close despite Reggie Williams and Stephen Curry going off.  They were left unchecked most of the night.  Curry got into the lane at will and when he wasn't scoring on layups, he was left alone for threes.

The Jazz were able to keep things close despite their poor shooting because they were able to force 17 turnovers and get some offensive boards.  They were within 3 with 3 minutes to go in the the third but gave up a 7-0 run to close out the quarter.  A ten-point deficit quickly turned into a 19-point blow-out midway through the fourth as the Jazz were able to muster just 3 field goals in the first 6 minutes.

And that was it.  Sloan pulled the starters (who had played the entire third quarter) and called it a night.  With the Jazz playing again tomorrow night against the Bobcats, and with Deron's availability uncertain, he had to conceded this game.

This 81-point night was almost an exact replica of the last game in Oakland when the Jazz put up just 78 points.  The sad part is that the Jazz shot better in that game.  A team with a veteran point guard and players like Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, and Andrei Kirilenko should not have a problem scoring against a team like this.  That's with Bell having one of his better games lately.

If this is the team we have, it's even more broken than I though.

January can't end soon enough.