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The Downbeat - 31 January 2011 - #415 - The LateBeat Edition

The Jazz have 10 games (5 @ home) to go before the trade deadline. Each loss puts us closer to a salary dump. They're certainly not out of things but it will be hard for the Millers to justify paying the luxury tax again for a team that at this point seems destined to be first-round fodder.

The team is still 8 games above .500 and two games back of the Thunder (1/2 game back of the Nuggets). I don't think it's a stretch to say that these next 10 games are crucial to the rest of the season. At worst there's a salary dump where we have to give up another player to shed salary or take back a bad contract that's less per year but has more years remaining.

As it stands now, the Jazz aren't likely to do anything. But if they continue to struggle, winning perhaps just 3 games, then that could be it. I don't see how they justify taking on an impact player and his salary unless a drastic change happens between now and then.

Tyrone Corbin's name has come up again now that Jim O'Brien has been fired by the Pacers. It's likely Corbin will get a head-coaching job somewhere next season.

If that's the case, who do you want to replace Corbin? Hornacek seems logical. Anyone else?

No word on Deron's availability for tonight's game against the Bobcats. In the video of his pre-game workout against the Warriors, he wasn't using his right hand at all.

From the DesNews,

Though O'Connor said his phone is ringing more lately and that other GMs have talked about every player on the Jazz roster, Utah brass remain convinced the Jazz have the pieces in place to make a deep playoff run.

That was prior to the loss last night. I've found myself giving the FO a little more leeway than I have in the past. Just when you think they're not going to do anything, stuff like the Jefferson trade happens.

The last thing we want is knee-jerk reactions made. We can do that as fans but it's a different business altogether to make the right move and put the right pieces together.

It still think the team as is doesn't go deep in the playoffs though. If the change isn't going to come from making a move, then what needs to happen to get the change to be made with the guys that we have now?

Monday finish this sentence poll... To turn this thing around, the Jazz need to...