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The Downbeat - 6 January 2011 - #398 - The Boo Edition

   There was a good conversation on booing last night on twitter after the fans booed the Jazz last night.  I'm a little torn on it.  On one hand, as was stated in some of the tweets, it does nothing to help the team.  I'm pretty sure they know they sucked last night.  Booing isn't going to get them to turn things around mid-game.

On the flip side, I don't know what an appropriate reaction should be to poor play.  They weren't booing just because they were losing.  We've seen the crowd cheer to try to get the team back into a game if they're down.  Even if they're down 15, and they make a bit of a run, the crowd will get behind them.

However, when you see yet another poor start (I think I hate writing about it more than seeing it now), how do you voice your displeasure?  Booing is the simplest form of voicing your displeasure in a group environment.  You don't have a mic or a megaphone.  You're not going to be able to get the crowd to say in unison, "WE DON'T APPROVE OF YOUR SHOT SELECTION AND GENERAL APATHY TO START THE GAME!"  You have to have a coordinated effort on the jumbotron just to get the crowd together on a two-syllable word chant such as "de-fense!"

So booing becomes natural and easy.  And really, we boo because we care.  I'd rather hear booing than nothing at all.  If you have a passionate fan base, you're going to get that from time to time.  We all know that Jazz fans booed John Stockton and more recently Gordon Hayward.

Still, we're 24-12.  I can't imagine what the talk would be like if we were 20-16 or 18-18.

  I can't believe that signing Jeremy Evans for the rest of the season is anything but a no-brainer.  From Genessy,

"I don't want to say it's an absolute no-brainer. You never know what's going to happen," O'Connor said. "But he's certainly done a terrific job for us and we'd like to keep him."

At the very least, losing him would require the team to sign someone else to meet the minimum roster requirements.  Second, who's going to come at a cheaper option for a team that is already over the luxury tax?  Especially if that someone is going to get very limited minutes anyway.

The biggest reason to keep him though regardless is his great play and work ethic.  For what his role is with the team, he's perfect.  He's shooting 70% (thanks to a plethora of dunks), rebounds well, and hustles for everything.  And from everything you read about him, he's a near perfect teammate and human for that matter.

I know KOC won't show his hand for anything, but I'd say that's the very definition of a no-brainer.

  There haven't been any recent updates on Millsap's hip.  It's worth noting that he's only missed 4 games in his career before this season by my count.  The fact that he played through the rest of that Pistons game and couldn't go last night speaks just how much pain he must be in.

It's also a bit disconcerting that Memo won't be making the trip to Memphis and Houston.  His back has had issues before and it's got to be discouraging that he worked so hard to come back from his Achilles injury only to have his back flare up.

  I'm not advocating a trade, but you would think that if the Jazz are going to bring in someone new, they would do it soon.  We've seen how long it's taken to get all the new guys assimilated into the Borg (and it's still not there).  I would assume that having more time would be beneficial to the team as they near the half-way point of the season.

Our last significant player import was Korver who came in at the end of 2007.  Hornacek though wasn't brought in until the end of February.  There was a little more stability there though.

The closer we get to the deadline without anything happening, the more likely it is that if there's a trade, it's more for a salary dump.

  Thursday open poll...  We all know what things could be changed on the team as armchair GMs and coaches.  What would you say though has been the most impressive from the team so far or what are they doing well that has surprised you?