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The Downbeat - 7 January 2011 - #399 - The CCCXCIX Edition

So, about that 30% three-point percentage that the Jazz were holding opponents to start the season (Oct & Nov)? That's gone. In December and the first few games in January, opponents are hitting 40% on their threes. They're still well below the league average though in that regard.

Some of the other teams that have given up at least 40% (or close to) from three include the Cavs, Clippers, Grizzlies, and Wolves. That list also includes the Spurs and Thunder though as well. They're numbers 3 and 4 respectively. The Spurs though shoot almost 40% themselves while the Thunder are near the bottom of the barrel in three-point shooting saved by the liner that is the Toronto Raptors.

I think it's significant. Outside of the Spurs, almost all of the other contending or favorite teams lead the league in opponent's three-point percentage.

I was surprised at how many open looks Atlanta got the other night. I thought we were a bit lucky to start the season because it seemed as though opponents got quite a few open looks from the arc as well but that they were missing them.

Thanks to Brandon for this link to where they pin the recent struggles on the Jazz on one thing. Whoever the Prime Minister is, he had this to say,

The problem is simple. No one on the team other than D-Will is able to consistently make a perimeter shot. From Paul Millsap to Raja Bell and everyone else in between, it's can be an adventure when someone shoots from beyond the paint.

I'm assuming he means three-point shooting when he's talking about the perimeter. In that case, Deron is only the third-best shooter from deep. Both AK and Bell are near 40% while Deron is shooting 36.5%. And if he's watched the Jazz, he would know that Millsap's mid-range J is near automatic. It's funny that he mentions Millsap and Bell when they're actually two of our better shooters.

In addition, outside of shots at the rim, the Jazz have been struggling for the last 10 games or so with shots in the paint (<10 ft.).

I don't feel like I can jinx the Jazz anymore by saying this, but I think they get out to a good start against the Grizz tonight. Getting away from the ESA, as weird as that may seem, could be the best thing for them right now.

I've tried not to post too much on previous Jazz men, but this quote from Jefferson on Booze is great:

Jefferson said a certain Jazz player always bit hard on his pump fake: "Booze used to always go for it."less than a minute ago via web

Then Booze was benched against the Nets because according to Thibs, they wanted to go small against the Nets. That didn't quite work out and most everyone says that he wasn't benched because of match-up reasons rather than Thibs was trying to send a message for his poor defensive play.

Boozer is doing well outside of that but I'm sure glad we don't have to worry about stuff like that this year.

Friday trivia... Click on through after you vote for the answer.

Jeremy Evans, 8.7

Fesenko, 8.1

Jefferson, 7.5

Millsap, 7.4

Elson, 7.2