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Who Gets Cut? 2011 - Round 1

The lockout has effected many things, one of which is the regular get-ready-for-the-season previews and such. We would have finished Who Gets Cut already but I wanted to wait around and see if the players and owners could pull their heads out and get a deal done. That way we could add the two-three potential free agents that the Jazz would sign to the list. As it is, we'll have to go with who we have now.

If this is your first time with Who Gets Cut?, what we're looking to do is to take the roster and determine what player would be cut if for some reason rosters had to be reduced. In this way we get your vote on the least-valuable to the most-valuable player for the Jazz. What you consider valuable is up to you. But if you had to make a cut, who would it be from the remaining list?

Since we don't know whom the Jazz will sign once play resumes, we're only going with the list of players currently under contract for the coming season along with the two unsigned rookies. We don't know if they'll bring back AK, Fess, or Watson so they're off the list.

I suspect some decisions will be pretty easy but given a true star like we had with Deron, there could be some movement at the top that differs from last year's final results.

Voting will end tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. MDT. If there's a tie, voting will be extended for an hour.