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#NBAFanVoice: Be Heard

I've talked about this before but so far in the NBA and player negotiations fans have been an afterthought, if that. Both sides are arguing over how to split billions of our money yet we have no place at the table.

At SB Nation, we're hoping today to give you, the fans, at least a part of the discussion. We want to read your thoughts on the lockout and what the NBA means to you. So create a FanPost, leave a comment here, or voice your thoughts on twitter. You can also create a FanShot of anything that you find around the web (link, video, picture, etc.). If you're creating a FanShot, FanPost, or tweet, make sure to use the #NBAFanVoice hashtag and make sure to post it to twitter as well.

Will all of this get the lockout resolved today? No, but through the power of the network that we have with other SB Nation sites and promoting comments/FanShots/FanPosts as well, perhaps we can get these things in front of the owners and the players.

There will come a day when this all gets resolved and the league and union will feign gratitude to the fans for sticking with them through the negotiations. Just remember that without you, this business and their salaries would not be possible. I know a lot of us will be back regardless. Some will boycott games. Some may never come back. In the end though, we want them to know that this is a fans' league and we want them to hear you.

I'll be promoting FanShots, FanPosts, and comments to the front page throughout the day in addition to the regular stuff. As such, let's see your best.

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