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Who Gets Cut 2011? - Round 3

The first big man to get cut was Memhet Okur. It wasn't close. With 53% of the vote, the outside-shooting Turk gets sent home.

There were likely a myriad of reasons for people voting for Memo. One, he's overpaid. Two, we have too many player in the front court and someone had to go. Some were unsure if he could return to the Memo of old after his Achilles injury.

Memo probably returned to action too early. He didn't have any lingering issues with his Achilles, it was his back them plagued him the most in his return. This was a player that put his health on the line in the 2009 playoffs against Denver and paid the price. Based on his dedication, loyalty, and commitment alone, it's hard to cut him right here.

But the above concerns are all valid reasons for questioning his role with the team next season. Ten million is a lot to be playing a player that not only will be coming off the bench, but may not get 10 minutes some nights. If Tyrone Corbin goes with Jefferson/Memo rotation at center and Millsap/Favors at forward, Al is still going to get 36 minutes a game and Favors could get some time at center as well if he's paired up with Millsap. Enes Kanter won't be commanding minutes off the bat but he's got to be worked in at some point for a few minutes here an there.

On a fan level, it would be extremely difficult to let Memo go. In real life, the Jazz have a tough choice to make. He still need a minimum number of players to fill out the roster. So cutting ties with Okur via an amnesty clause and replacing him with a cheap free-agent might be the way to go for the team. Depending on how he plays in Turkey during the lockout, he could become attractive to a contending team looking for an outside threat.

Any way you slice it, it won't be easy to let go of the Money Man.

So who's up next? That's an awful lot of votes to be shuffled around from Memo voters. Make sure to drop a quick line as to why you voted for who you did. Voting ends at 9 a.m. MDT tomorrow.

10. Mehmet Okur
11. Raja Bell

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