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Mediators, Mount Up - The Downbeat - #600

As George Cohen tries to mediate, I'm taken back to an original G. My slight adaptation ahead. I apologize if you don't know the song. Really, I feel sorry if you don't know this one.


It was a Tuesday morn, a meetin' before noon
Cohen G was in the room, trying to resume
the dealin' for the league, so they can get some peace
just rollin in his chair, listenin' all alone

Just hit the north side of nine-oh-three
on a mission trying to calm Mr. Kevin G.
Seen a group full of players, no need for hate
Me and Mr. Fish have to negotiate

Sixteen hours down and two more to go
Dave Stern is about to make some bodies turn cold
now they droppin and yellin
it's a tad bit late
So the big Cohen G has to mediate

Just like I thought
they were closer than not
in need of some desperate help
the league and players
were in need of a referee
one of these days they'll realize
They need to compromise
They said "our league's broke down and need your kind
would ya reconcile?"
I got a box full of cigs and it's been a major hell
I'm outta Manhattan Hotel

As mediation gets underway today between the league and the players, I thought we could add an extra t to mediation and get some meditation tips. You're going to need them I feel.

Ken Berger explains:

Cohen, director of the federal mediation and conciliation service, and deputy director Scot Beckenbaugh met with NBPA executive director Billy Hunter and legal staff for about 2 1-2 hours at the union's headquarters in Harlem. Sources also confirmed that league executives and lawyers met with the mediators at NBA headquarters.

Don't expect to hear anything about these negotiations as Cohen will likely enforce the "Cohen of silence." Get it? Moving on, the meetings today aren't negotiations so much as they are Cohen and his staff meeting with both parties and trying to help move them to a resolution by pointing out things that may have been overlooked.

Cohen has had mixed success in his previous attempts with the NFL, NHL, MLS, and other leagues. However this plays out, we won't know what role it plays in a resolution until after we have a resolution.

Oh my... I just... I don't even...

Moni explains,

For CSKA's Media Day, the team's 15 players were split into three groups and forced to dance along with two female dancers. AK's group was asked to do, among other moves, the Macarena and hip rolls.

Keep in mind that this group of five is comprised of 3* Olympians-Andrei Kirilenko, Nenad Krstic, and Viktor Khryapa-and the pride of Mississippi State, Jamont Gordon.

Take a look at SI's best quotes of the lockout (part 1 and part 2). Any faves? I'm partial to bloggissist and "enormous consequences."

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