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Who Gets Cut? 2011 - Round 6

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It looks like those votes for Jeremy Evans didn't go the the runner-up but rather to young Alec Burks. With 36% of the vote. Perhaps had we had an off-season of summer league and training camp, we would have had a better idea of where Burks stands with the team. As it is, we don't know much about him other than through his twitter account where he reminds us about the grind.

As much as I've stated that Enes Kanter is an unknown, I feel the same way about Burks only with a little more excitement because I'm interested to see if he can become a steal. It was rumored that he could fall quite a bit from his lottery projection. What kind of player will he become? He has the physical tools and athleticism to make an immediate impact. The question will be whether he can develop a consistent outside shot and can he become a good defender?

Out he goes though and we're down to the final six. Who will be next?

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