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Who Gets Cut? 2011 - Round 7

Bongarts/Getty Images

And then there were five. It may or may not have been a factor in how you were voting, but we have our final five of Who Gets Cut? after a close vote. Enes Kanter was the last Jazz man to be sent packing as he edged out Al Jefferson by seven votes. Devin Harris wasn't far behind either, making this one of the best rounds yet.

Kanter will remain a big unknown until we see him play in a professional league and even more so in the NBA. He hasn't had very good luck after being ruled ineligible to play college ball, not wanting to go to Turkey, and having the lockout wipe out his next destination. He could still play in another European league still. With the most recent lockout news, maybe it motivates him to sign somewhere soon.

So how would the remaining five look as a starting five? Harris would be at the point obviously, Hayward would be the two, Millsap would have to play the three with Favors and Jefferson up front. That unit played a total of 25 minutes together. In that limited sample size, they scored and gave up a lot of points. Most of those minutes came against Denver in the final game of the season.

So where will those votes for Kanter trickle to? Voting ends at 9 a.m. Monday.

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