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If The NBA And Players Are Joking... - The Downbeat - #608

   If you would permit me, I would like to modify this scene from Seinfeld (Marine Biologist, perhaps the greatest episode) concerning the optimism that broke from yesterday's labor discussions:

NBA/Players: We're not guaranteeing anything, but Friday could be the day we get something done.

Fans: Really?  You're not BSing?  You really talked and made progress?

NBA/Players: Yeah, we did great.  We even joked with each other.

Fans: Joked?  Nobody said the other's pants were on fire?  Nothing like that?

NBA/Players: No, we made some moves on system issues and tomorrow we're going to tackle BRI.  Tomorrow could be the day we finally break through.

Fans: BRI?  System issues?  Finally?

NBA/Players: Yeah, we've even been in contact with arena owners to hold dates at the end of April so that we could possibly get in a full 82-game schedule.

Fans: OK, I'm tellin' you right now if your kiddin' around I'm not gonna be able to be friends with you anymore. I'm serious about that. You got that.

NBA/Players: No, really this time.  We've put off two year's work and crammed it into the last two weeks, but we might actually get something done.

Fans: Good. Cause if this is a lie, if this is a joke, if this is your idea of some cute little game...we're finished!

NBA/Players: Expect a season (not a guaranteed statement).

They better get this done.

   Brian T. Smith has more details on the exhibition game to be played on November 7th at SLCC

A charity exhibition basketball game featuring former Brigham Young standout Jimmer Fredette, Chauncey Billups and Jazzmen Al Jefferson, Devin Harris and Paul Millsap is planned for Nov. 7 in Salt Lake City, The Salt Lake Tribune has learned.

The game will likely be held at Salt Lake Community College.

Pro Player Tours is organizing the contest, which is also expected to feature Stephen Curry, Derrick Favors, Corey Maggette, Anthony Tolliver and Ronnie Price.

That will be a packed gym should this go through.  If you ever went to the Rocky Mountain Revue or have gone to SLCC, it's not a big place.  Summer league games alone featuring no-name NBA players and draftees packed the place.  Jimmer and Jazz players?  Standing room only.

More players could be named later.

  Mehmet Okur's Turk Telecom Ankara will be taking on Deron Williams's team tonight with both teams being 2-0.  After a rough start to his European tour, DWill was named player of the week.  With two games, Memo is putting up just 6 points in 23.5 minutes per game.

If things get resolved this weekend, I wonder when these two head back.

  An excellent read from Jim Burton at the Standard-Examiner on his experience at the media day's training camp put on by the Jazz coaches,

In the end I came away with two prevailing thoughts. First, Corbin is an excellent coach. All the Xs and Os aside, he's a born leader and a really good motivator.

Secondly -- and this speaks to my first thought -- I was astonished at how easily those coaches fostered a sense of teamwork among sportswriters and broadcasters who don't always see eye-to-eye on things.

By the end of the day I was surprised to see how we openly rooted for each other to succeed and I was shocked at how much I cared about my "teammates."

Oh, and I was also pleasantly surprised nobody keeled over doing a layup.

If you're not reading Jim or following him on twitter, make sure to do so now.

  Friday open poll...  Assuming the league and players get things done this weekend, but does the league need to do in order to win you back?