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An NBA CBA Deal Coming This Weekend?

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Could be according to Sean Deveney from the Sporting News,

In the wake of the inability of the NBA and players' union to come to an agreement to end the three-month-old lockout on Tuesday, both sides have positioned themselves as prepared to hunker down and wait out a long labor stalemate. But a key point to remember is this: The league has not yet canceled regular-season games, and commissioner David Stern was careful to say that he would not take that step until Monday.

That could open the door, sources told Sporting News on Wednesday, to a solution that comes down this weekend on the most contentious issue of the negotiations-the split of basketball-related income (BRI). On Tuesday, the NBA formally made an offer of 47 percent of BRI to the players, while the union said it would not go below 53 percent. The source said that, over the weekend, the two sides could land on a split of 51 percent to players-49 percent to owners, down from the 57 percent that players received under the last collective-bargaining agreement.

Don't get your hopes up yet, but there could be something coming before Monday.