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Another 10 Hours - The Downbeat - #617

Given the league's desire for a hard cap, you would think they would be be wanting a hard deadline instead of the soft cap approach in which they've been handling meeting deadlines. Five o'clock came and went yesterday without things blowing up. There was no "reset" deal given as the two sides continued to negotiate long into the night and have continued this morning.

For what it's worth, which isn't much given previous history, this time they really seem intent on getting it done by this weekend. The players have said that they're willing to come down to a 50/50 split provided the owners make some concessions on system issues. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that they had made progress on three of the systems issues. Which three? Don't ask Rick Perry. Just know that there are about eight according to Chris Mannix from that need to be resolved. So those aren't three that are resolved but three where there is supposed progress.

The good news of course is that they're still talking. There was no press conference at 5 p.m. declaring talks over. We've been here before of course but it could be worse.

And take this quote from Stern via TrueHoop any way you want,

As he left the news conference early Thursday morning, after 12 hours of bargaining, Stern stopped in the crowded hallway to converse with union economist Kevin Murphy, who says he is trying to arrange his schedule to be here for the next session to start at noon.

Stern encouraged Murphy to show up, saying, "It will be a good day to be here."

A good day for whom?

Derrick Favors was on 2 Live Stews, an Atlanta radio talk show, yesterday.

  • When he thinks it will end? (No idea)
  • What's it like living in Salt Lake City? (Laughs, doesn't really want to answer)
  • Thoughts on the trade (Felt relief)

Hosts then think that heading to Salt Lake or Green Bay is good for young players.

Last night's classic on KJZZ was the 3OT game between the Jazz and Bulls. Truthfully, I had forgotten about that game. But from Jordan's two FT misses to Stockton's clutch three, what an amazing game. It's supposed to be up on later. I would have been happy to watch the Bulls and Jazz play in the finals every year in the 90s. Those would have been some classic battles and perhaps the Jazz would have won one of ten.

Pro Players Classic Mix

Thursday poll... I asked this on twitter last night after watching the 3OT game on KJZZ after Jordan missed two free throws and Jeff Malone and Blue Edwards both missed on that would have won the game earlier. Both sides shot well from the line with the Jazz hitting 90% of their FTs. Just bad timing on the misses. Anyway...

(answer here after you vote)