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With The NBAPA Dissolving, Will Enes Kanter Head Overseas?

Bongarts/Getty Images


It's too early to jump on that ship," [agent Max] Ergul said. "We're looking at options, as always, but we just don't know right now what's going to happen. We're looking at some stuff in Asia - China and Korea. And there's Spain. But we just don't want to go to a complicated situation.

Anyway, we're not ready to commit. We might still have an NBA season and at this point every offer we get from Europe is from teams that want him for a full season. As of now, we can't take a deal that doesn't include an NBA out, but that may change if [the NBA] goes to court. That would change the whole thing.

So does yesterday's action by the NBAPA change that? It sounds as if Kanter had been given an NBA out, he would be playing overseas by now. Now that things will head to the courts, they may start looking into things more earnestly.

Kanter has to be dying to play and may be ready to jump. Of course he would still need an NBA out in case things do get resolved. The longer he waits, the more likely teams aren't going to give him an out.