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David Aldridge Speaks The Truth

This is what I've been getting at all long. The fans have had no voice in the lockout and the owners and players will now try to make good with the fans. After all, it is your money that they were bickering over and yet you had no say in the matter. Of course you can choose not to give them your money anymore and that's okay with me. However, if David Aldridge has anything to say about winning fans back, then the league might be able to bring those lost fans back,

9) We're sorry. We're really, really sorry. Did we mention how sorry we were?: If, in the next week to 10 days, the league and its teams don't commit to the following --announce that two games -- one preseason, one regular season -- are "on the house," meaning free tickets for both season ticket holders and single game buyers, with the remaining seats given out to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis, concurrent with "Fans' Night" celebrations and viewing parties around the country during the first week of the season, with the food (no booze, for obvious reasons) paid for by the NBA, along with season-long discounts on "lower bowl" seats in all arenas (maybe a "band" of 49 to 51 percent off for selected games?) along with increasing the $10 seats in each building from 1,000 to 2,000, along with bringing one fan from every NBA city to All-Star Weekend in Orlando and providing them with A-list tickets and interactions with the players, and doing the same for one fan in every NBA city for the Finals, and next year's Draft, along with giving everyone that has access to DirecTV or Dish Network or whatever cable systems have NBA TV a free month of NBA League Pass, along with taking out full-page ads in each city that simply read "We're Sorry. We Will Do Everything In Our Power to Get You Back. Sincerely, the Players and Teams of the National Basketball Association" -- then I'm gonna be really ticked off.

All of this. In fact, Aldridge should be the lead on this project. Let's face it, just like in the lockout negotiations, money talks. Fans will come back with financial incentive. They won't bring everyone back, but this is a good start.