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Raja Bell On Whether The Players Caved

From Sports Radio Interviews,

We had you on before the new CBA was in place. Now the CBA is pretty much done. Were you disappointed how the new CBA came out? Did you guys cave?

"Yeah...look I think...I don't know that we caved. I think we realized as a union that there was not as much to be had there as we might have thought going into the negotiations. Maybe that was just the facts. Maybe we set the bar a little low to begin with. You can dispute that all day, but I think when we got right down to it and push came to shove how much more were we going to gain in the negotiations with an ownership group that seemed hell bent on getting what they want? Having said I think we were able to kind of hold on to some of the system issues that we absolutely necessary for us to have to allow player movement and to allow people to create markets for themselves, so I think a lot of us understand the owners got a really, really, really good deal for themselves, but that was going to be the case regardless. It then became about what we could save and what could hold onto that would preserve the game going forward and allow us to share an industry that continues to grow globally."

He also discusses the impact of super teams on Utah and other smaller markets.