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SB*Nation Northwest Festivus Previews For The Rest Of Us

Tom Ziller combines two of my favorite things, basketball and Seinfeld. His Festivus previews have the feats of strength, airing of the grievances, and of course, Festivus miracles. Under airing of the grievances, he has this to say about the Jazz,

The Jazz crashed back to Earth so hard last season that it'll be amazing if they are able to climb from their crater within the next couple of seasons, let alone make it back to the top of the conference. I believe in Derrick Favors, but that rookie season was as deflating as a needle in an innertube store. Gordon Hayward is similarly a long ways away, and who knows what Alec Burks or Enes Kanter will contribute and when? Remember: rebuilding in the NBA is messy. You'll have some nasty seasons. Without knowing what Kevin O'Connor will do with those expensive veterans on the club, this figures to be one of the Jazz's messier seasons.

Rebuilding is a long process. Even when a team lands an all-NBA talent such as Kevin Durant, it takes a few seasons to return to a contender status. While we have high hopes for our rookies and sophomores, there's so much more basketball to be played with them that we may not know for another season or two. Some of them will progress faster than the others. Although, Kevin O'Connor said to give him two years and then judge him on Hayward. Year one ended well. How does year two go?