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Mehmet Okur Traded To The New Jersey Nets

This is sad, but needed. There needs to be more minutes for Favors and Kanter and Memo was the odd man out. Of course we lose a guy that can spread the floor and make a three-point shot.

This also serves as a salary dump for the Jazz which will take $10 million off the books. KFAN, which reported the deal, said the Jazz will receive just a second-round pick back in addition to a trade exception. This move could also be in part to Brook Lopez's broken foot that was announced earlier today.

The Nets now feature former Jazz men Deron Williams, Sundiata Gaines, DeShawn Stevenson, Kris Humphries, and now Okur. They're going to party like the early 2000s.

So long Memo. So many great moments. Every three. The gutsy performance in the 2010 playoffs. One of my favorite Jazz men of all time.

We're also overlooking the fact that Yeliz will be leaving Utah.