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Good Luck Memo - The Downbeat - #648

<em>Photo courtesy of the Utah Jazz</em>
Photo courtesy of the Utah Jazz

If Memo had to go, then I can't think of anywhere else better for him than New Jersey. Not that he's not a big boy, but he's very close to Deron Williams and that will ease the transition for his kids that now have to be uprooted. Though they didn't play together, the two became closer when Deron played in Turkey during the lockout. And that's just on the personal side.

Though Memo was fine with coming off the bench in whatever role and capacity, he deserves to be playing more. The injury to Brook Lopez provides for that. He'll have an excellent season with someone familiar with his style of play feeding him the ball. So while it sucks that one of the best Jazz men ever is no longer with the team, be happy for Memo. Here's to hoping that he finds his way back to the organization after his playing days are over.

Jody Genessy writes how Greg Miller spoke with Memo,

The personal part: Miller thanked Okur - fondly called "Memo" and / or "Money" in these parts - for his dedicated play and effort and because he'd "given everything he had" to the Jazz since 2004.

Miller expressed gratitude that Okur, who worked hard to rehab his injured back and surgically repaired Achilles tendon to 100 percent strength, "played hurt when a lot of guys would not have."

Miller also told Okur that the Jazz "appreciate everything he did." They hope he remembers how important he was to the success of the franchise family.

One thing I know is that Saturday, Jan 14th is going to be a great reunion. DWill back. Memo back. Kris Hum.. um.. okay. You get the idea. Get your tickets now.

A year ago at this time, Jerry Sloan moved into third-place all time for coaching wins when the Jazz picked up a road victory against the Peskies. Take a look at the roster then compared to now.

December 2010 December 2011
Andrei Kirilenko Josh Howard
Paul Millsap Paul Millsap
Al Jefferson Al Jefferson
Raja Bell Raja Bell
Deron Williams Devin Harris
Earl Watson Earl Watson
Francisco Elson Enes Kanter
Ronnie Price Alec Burks
CJ Miles CJ Miles
Kyrylo Fesenko Derrick Favors
Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward
Jeremy Evans Jeremy Evans
Mehmet Okur Jamaal Tinsley

The ones in bold are the holdovers from last season. And if you look at the roster two years ago, the team is virtually unrecognizable.

There are likely more moves possible though whether they happen before the season starts or whether they happen later this season remains to be seen. Let's hope things stabilize soon though because as Jazz fans we're just not used to this.

Good news, Ostertag is back. From Ridiculous Upside,

Former NBA starters Ricky Davis and Greg Ostertag have decided to make an NBA comeback through the NBA Development League, league sources told Ridiculous Upside on Thursday night. Both players have signed D-League contracts and will find out their new teams after clearing waivers on Tuesday afternoon.

Tag hasn't played for a few years and is 38. I'm not sure he's one to squander away his earnings -- almost $50 million -- from the NBA days. So I wonder what his motivation is. If he somehow ends up in Boise, I may have to make a drive to see him an Antoine Walker play. It would be like a 1999 time machine.

Jazz players struck out on ESPN's award previews except where Derrick Favors got two votes for most improved player. Chris Palmer and Brian Windhorst were the two ESPN analysts with the picks. Carlos Boozer also got a vote from Scoop Jackson. Booze put up 17 & 10 last season. That would have to be quite the improvement for him to win.

Neither of our rookies made the list for ROY. That would be a tough award to crack for them given that neither is going to be starting. The awards normally go to good rookies on terrible teams. The Jazz may not be a playoff team, but they're not going to be terrible either.

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