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Recap: Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers

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I think we all expected an up and down season, but I don't think we expected this.

The Lakers didn't look at all like they were playing their third game in three nights while the Jazz looked beyond rusty and inexperienced.

Utah had numerous missed inside shots and were constantly getting beat up and down the floor all night. You would have though that nerves would have shown up early in the game, but they were fine to start the game though most of us didn't get to see it. When TNT finally switched over from the Heat and Celtics, things went downhill quickly. It doesn't even do me any good to complain about the free-throw discrepancy because they were that bad.

The Jazz didn't reach 40 points until late in the third quarter and didn't have anyone that could put the ball near, let alone in, the bucket. None of the units on the floor looked like they had practiced together at all.

You could not have scripted a worse opening game for the Jazz yet it's not time to call for things to be blown up. Even if current players are moved later in the year, it's not going to happen suddenly. The one good thing about this season is that the next game comes quickly and the previous loss or win can be put behind you without much time to dwell on it.

It's not going to get much easier tomorrow night against the Nuggets. They're a good team that has the best of their core backand will be a playoff team once again.

The Jazz aren't going to be contending this year anyway. We all know that. It doesn't make games like this easier to swallow of course. But let's give it a few weeks before we call for heads.

Some more random thoughts after the jump.

  • Somehow we need to transfer some of Jeremy Evans' jumping to Enes Kanter mad-scientist style. He's got plenty to go around. Kanter was timid under the hoop with multiple non-working head fakes. Someone needs to tell him he's big.
  • Why only 7 minutes in the first half for Favors with only two fouls?
  • The Jazz didn't break 30% shooting until late in the fourth.
  • The Jazz just got outplayed by a guy who intentionally changed his name to Metta
  • Where was Alec Burks late in this blowout?
  • For those wanting Bell gone -- and I'm not saying you're wrong -- who is going to want him?
  • If you have to go with a player of the game for the Jazz, Millsap ended up with a solid line after a poor start, er, off the bench. 18 & 8 on the night.
  • Jazz broke 20 in the fourth!
  • At least Harris got to kick a Laker fan in the face.
  • Is AK available?
  • Silver Screen and Roll
  • Box Score

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