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Two Games in: Production over Playing Time

Two games isn't a large sample size, of course not. But it's never too soon to start over-reacting to any piece of information we have available. Right now there's a lot of displeasure with the current playing time rotation for the Jazz. There's the fan's side. There's the coach's side. There's the management's side. There's also the player's side. (Let's not even get into our media, who behaves like dinosaurs sometimes) I'm clearly a fan, above and beyond everything. So I'm biased. I'm also a guy who knows his way around excel, so I like numbers. Here's a simple (and sloppy) chart that shows all of our guys by playing time on the X-Axis. Against that we have the cumulative value of all their points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks, on the Y-Axis. A line shows the one to one ratio of per min to PARSB unit. Some guys are above the line. Some are below it. In one case two guys (Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter) have the same value. In all the other cases, well . . . we see who is doing their best on the floor, with the time they have.

Only two guys are above the line: Paul Millsap and Alec Burks. Everyone else is below. Some of our guys are sinking. The hasty construction of this isn't by accident, nor design. Sorry it looks sloppy. Our players play sloppy. When they deserve better charts I'll make better charts. ha ha . . .