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Fesenko Friday Takes A Bow

<a href=""><em>via Gleb Dokuken</em></a>
via Gleb Dokuken

It's time for your final caption contest featuring your favorite Warriors big man. That's a bit sad to type. The team has lost so many fan favorites over the past couple of seasons. We'll always have a fan favorite or two but with Fesenko's departure, it's just another reminder of the closing of the old era.

After today's Fesenko Friday, the keys to the machine will be handed to the good folks at Golden State of Mind where they're eager to keep the torch burning. Thanks to all of your contributions to Fesenko Friday in the past. Click through and let us know which was your favorite.

So let's read your best and remember to rec your favorites.

Mine after the jump

"If only to make you laugh, I will look down to see if my fly is open."