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Preview/Game Thread - Utah Jazz (1-2) @ San Antonio Spurs (2-1)


What's going on with the Spurs

The Spurs are coming off their first loss of the season as the Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowery, and Luis Scola lit them up for a combined 59 of the team's 109 points. They've had a day off to rest their old weary bones. The Spurs at this point are like the Jazz in the late 90s and early 2000s. Everyone keeps writing them off because they're older but as long as they have their coach and their HOF players, they're not going anywhere. They might no longer be the favorites, but they're going to suddenly suck.

So far this season, the Spurs have been efficient scorers but poor defensive rebounders. Their defense so far hasn't been the defense that we've become accustomed to from San Antonio over the years. It's a small sample size of course. The Favors, Kanter, and Millsap could clean up tonight.

What's Going On With the Jazz

On the flip side, the Jazz are of course coming off their first win over the season. The biggest changes I noticed last night was the Devin Harris was more aggressive than he's been in a long time, perhaps since he's been here. It was also the first time that I recall seeing bodies flying on the floor as well for loose balls and overall hustle. That's what Jazz fans want to see and that's what fueled the comeback. If the Jazz lose but still have that type of play, fans can live with that.

It's going to be another tough night for the Jazz guards going up against Parker and Manu. Just close your eyes when Manu and Bell go at in case there's a small explosion when they repeat this.


San Antonio (2-1)

Starters: Tony Parker, Manu, Richard Jefferson, Tim Duncan, DeJuan Blair

Utah Jazz- (1-2)

Starters: Devin Harris, Raja Bell, Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson

What to Look For

The Spurs are going to be heavy favorites in this one. Outside of L.A., San Antonio has been the biggest dearth of wins for the Jazz the past decade, recent success aside. With everything that has gone down over the last 10 months, any previous records or history goes out the window anyway.

It's hard to say whether the Jazz will come out sluggish because of the late game last night or if they'll be riding the high of their first win. With Jefferson back in the lineup, we'll see how the pace of the offense goes. One thing to note from last night's game was who Corbin had finishing the game. Bell was sitting while CJ Miles and Josh Howard filled the two spot. So while they're haven't been any starting lineup changes, we'll see who closes out the game if the score is close.

I'm looking forward to seeing if Favors and Kanter can continue their defensive prowess against a team like San Antonio. Favors in Spurts will have to go up against Duncan and may have to chase Matt Bonneraround on the perimeter.

I expect a lot more experimentation from Corbin tonight. I liked how having Al out made him use a bunch of different lineups, finding ones that worked. He left Earl Watson on the floor a long time from about 7 minutes to go in the third until late into the fourth because he was playing well. He's said that positions are up for grabs and it appears that's still the case. Not that he's going to give Watson the start, but he's going to go with what works, no matter who it is.

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