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Utah Jazz Re-Sign Earl Watson

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Jazz fans rejoice. Earl Watson will return to the Jazz according to Brian T. Smith after he and his agent were in Salt Lake today negotiating a deal. It will be a two-year guaranteed deal. Watson has always expressed his interest in returning to the Jazz. He'll serve once again as the primary backup behind Devin Harris.

He quickly became a fan favorite in his first season in Utah as he led the SWARM (second unit) which had a lot of success early in the season. His "Early-oops," as they became to be known, to Jeremy Evans added to his popularity. His stats were down from his career averages but fans have shown that hard workers and those loyal to the franchise will always have a place here.

With the Jazz signing Jamaal Tinsley yesterday, it looked like it might be the end of Watson's time here in Utah. They've also brought in Scottie Reynolds (PG) to training camp and also announced that former Jazz man Keith McLeod would be invited to camp. They're not carrying four point guards so those latter two will be playing to impress and to get a position elsewhere.

Congrats to Watson. Let's get back to basketball now.