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So, The Jazz Lost To The Bulls, But, Um, Jerry Sloan?

If you're looking for the game recap, here you go:

  • Millsap owned Boozer. So much so that Boozer was an after-thought.
  • Boozer was swatted 4 times
  • Jazz disappeared in the 2nd and 3rd yet still had a chance to win the game
  • Derrick Rose owned the rest of the night
  • The Jazz blew their free-throws
  • The Jazz couldn't get a defensive rebound when it counted.
  • Deron turned the ball over three times late in the fourth and two crucial TOs in the closing minute.
  • Jazz lost.
Really though, the news is the speculation about what took Jerry Sloan 35 minutes to come out and talk to the media. From Brian T. Smith and Ross Siler, Sloan is the fastest coach in the league when it comes to meeting with the beat writers. However, he was meeting with Kevin O'Connor . Here's what we know from @tribjazz's tweets:
Jim Burton also noted that Andrei left through the coaches offices and not the locker room.

Of course the Jazz twitterverse exploded with speculation. Is Sloan retiring? Was he fired? Is there a trade going down? I even started my first successful hashtag.

So what in the Stockton to Malone is going on? I've hashed this out on twitter already, but it feels like something big is going down. Of course it could all mean nothing at all. The practice being cancelled could be unrelated to the meeting and just a result of the team not playing well. Perhaps it was to give the team a break some speculated.

However, it could also mean that there's no practice because there's going to be a press-conference. My take is that a 30-minute meeting, a canceled practice, and an announcement tomorrow means a significant change. There's nothing to indicate that the discussion was an argument. Regardless, why wait until tomorrow to announce something if the meeting was about nothing? Why not just say they were discussing the affairs of the team or something? If it was none of our business, they would have said so tonight.

What is likely is that we're all way off.