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The Downbeat - 10 February 2011 - #423 - The While We Wait Edition

What hurt the most about last night's loss was Deron's missteps in the clutch. Each of the three turnovers was more backbreaking than the last. He also might have run the last play for three a little better according to Sebastian Pruiti,

Instead of coming off of the downscreen and curling it along the three point line (which makes a catch and shoot easier), Williams runs straight off of it, out past the three point line.

Because Williams ran straight out, Derrick Rose is able to close out on him before he gets an attempt to shoot it.

Final Possession Turnover (via NBAPlaybook)

The team is this close to putting everything together. Clutch play and shooting well on free throws have been a couple of the things they've done well all season until last night. They actually played very well on defense last night. It's a game they should have won but couldn't.

I'm not putting the blame for the loss on Deron at all, it was a team fail. It was just weird to see him flounder like that down the stretch, even with the injured wrist.

Even Chicago fans know Boozer's D is terrible despite the team's overall good D.

Is this odd? From the Trib,

Jazz rookie forward Gordon Hayward will join teammate Deron Williams next week in Los Angeles during the All-Star break, and will be one of two Utah player representatives involved in scheduled NBA labor negotiations.

Williams will take the lead role. Meanwhile, Hayward will help fill in for Ronnie Price, the Jazz's main team rep, who will not make the trip.

Why wouldn't Ronnie P be making the trip?

Even the guy that picks Deron in this TrueHoop video gives DWill back-handed compliments.

Also, you know that they haven't watched the Jazz when they make statements about Jefferson and Sap.

What's almost a footnote in the whole Boozer/Sloan saga is that Memo is expected to be out at least three weeks while he rehabs his back.

Must be excruciatingly frustrating for him.

Sloan news?