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Deron Williams Responds To Coach Sloan's Resignation

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Before I comment on Deron Williams' interview concerning Sloan, I'll reiterate what I tweeted earlier today and that's that we're never going to know the full truth behind what went down last night and today. Just like the Boozer saga the past couple of seasons, there's likely elements of truth from both sides.

I'm going to believe Sloan. There's one thing that you always read/hear about the man and that he's always upfront with you and will tell it you straight. He said that his decision has been building up over time and last night it when he decided it was time to step down. What we never will likely know is what pushed him over the top? We know from the interviews today that the team asked him to sleep on it last night. He did, and woke up knowing that he was going to retire. Sloan isn't going to throw anybody under the bus and isn't going to say that anyone else was the cause for his resignation.

As you might recall, this isn't the first time that Sloan has thought about hanging them up. He considered it when his first wife died.

The other time that we know of though was a result of a similar circumstance as reported today. Supposedly, Mark Jackson had divided the locker room so much that Sloan was going to quit on the spot. So there is a bit of precedent for his decision today.

So if you haven't heard Deron's interview, here it is on KFAN.

On Sloan's resignation

It sucks. I didn't think he would do it in the middle of the season

Aside from Deron's response, this is what confuses me the most and why I think Deron and/or the rest of the team had a large part in Sloan's resignation. The timing of this whole thing just isn't right. If he did it at the end of the season, I could understand that. However, the Jazz are still very much in the playoff hunt and are on the verge of playing more consistent basketball.

The Jazz only have a little over two months of basketball left in the regular season. Given a first or second round playoff series, you could say three months. They've already been at it for 5 months and have less than 40 games left. If there wasn't anything that drove Jerry out, you would say he was quitting on the team. He was tired of fighting whatever/whoever it was and decided that it wasn't worth it. Sloan would not just quite mid-season on this team.

On the media's (specifically Ric Bucher) reaction

Deron made sarcastic remarks about Ric Bucher being in the locker room after ever game and that of course he'd be an expert. Deron revealed why he's so surly with the media,

If they find a story they want to turn and spin, they'll jump on it. That's why I am the way that I am and will continue to be the way that I am.

That's no secret but it's the first time I've heard Deron say as much.

On his conflicts with Sloan

We're both competitive, we're both very stubborn, we both want to win

He also states that they've had worse arguments that the one at halftime last night. Really, they've been arguing ever since Deron was a rookie and he felt like he should be getting more playing that season.

They're both dominant personalities, most star players and head coaches are. These two though are probably two of the most red-type personalities you'll see so it't not a surprise they often didn't see eye to eye. Each one had their own thoughts on matters.

On Ty Corbin as the new head coach

All the guys like Ty. We feel he should have had a head job by now

This is the subject of one of my other tweets. If the rumors about the Sloan/Deron conflict are true, how is Ty going to be any different? Having been under Sloan for seven years, Corbin would have a lot of the same philosophies as Sloan. There might be some rotation changes and some other tweaks, but for the most part, I don't expect to see too many changes. And if Sloan can't handle Sloan, how will Corbin do?

When asked point blank if he had anything to do with Sloan's resignation

No sir.

I know we want to know just what role Deron played, if any, in Sloan's departure but we're never knowing to know the full story.

Unfortunately, with all of these rumors, fans are taking them as fact. Some could have truths and some probably couldn't be further from it.

Tomorrow night against at ESA is going to be an awful night.