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The NBA's Most Dunkiest Players

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[Note by Basketball John, 02/21/11 9:35 AM MST ] Republishing this seeing is how I dumped it on a Friday afternoon.

I wanted to see just what percentage of Jeremy Evans' field goals were dunks. I already knew it was high, but how high?

Then I wanted to see the percentages of Jazz players. If I was going to do that, I might as well do it for the NBA. So I looked at everyone in the league with at least 30 made field goals and that had at least 10 dunks. First, here are the Jazz men and their respective league rank:


Evans is top 3 in the NBA in percentage of field goals as dunks. Not too surprising given that most of his shot attempts are off of alley-oops or put-backs off of misses. We've seen that he has a jumper as well, but keep getting those dunks.

Before you judge the rest of the team though, you should look at the full list of players in the NBA. Some names at the top will surprise you as well as some at the bottom.

I got the stats from and the number of dunks from Here's the spreadsheet. Some of the FG values didn't calculate based on my formula so I had to put them in manually:

For example, Blake Griffin as we all know dunks a lot but his dunks only account for 28% (30th) of his made field goals. That's still well above average. However, it seems like all his teammate DeAndre Jordan knows how to dunk.

Some surprises at the bottom include Derrick Rose. We all know that he can throw down but he's at the bottom of the pack with just 3.5% of his shots being dunks. They're a rare commodity. David West also doesn't dunk very much and neither does Kobe Bryant. DeMarcus Cousins and Pau Gasol are also below average.

The average dunking percentage for those listed it 15%.

So what does this all show? Not much. Just a bit of fun on a Friday afternoon/evening.