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The Downbeat - 21 February 2011 - #430 - The From My Mouth Edition

He made this one
He made this one

  Chris Paul got the All-star weekend going by missing his opening layup on the skills challenge.  That seemed to carry over into the All-star game as Deron and a whole slew of other players also missed some easy bunnies.

As a result, Deron was 2-7 from the field.   The lone layup make was the one shown above and he also nailed a three.  He did thread a nice pass to Blake Griffin for the dunk and then gave him the first alley-oop of the night. (#7):

NBA TV All-Star Top 10: February 20th (via NBA)

He also finished tied for a team-high 7 assists.  Could have been more if anyone could have made a jumper.  Dirk air-balled his first touch from Deron.

He also tweaked his wrist again but said afterwards that he was all good.

  A good tribute to Jerry Sloan from KSL



Video Courtesy of

  Deron's post-game interview from @tribjazz,

He was quoted as saying how he's never played with a player like Griffin where you can just throw it up.  It was nice to hear him mention Jeremy Evans as well.  He's nowhere near Griffin obviously, but he can go up and get it.

He also addressed the Ken Berger report where he said that a close associate said Deron would head to New York if Melo went there.  His response to that,

If it comes from my mouth and you hear me say I want to go to New York, then you can believe it.

That's what we're going to have to get used to as well for the next year.    Smith has more on it here.

  You might have heard that the Kings are thinking about moving to Anaheim.  SacTown Royalty is pushing to sell out the game on the 28th in an effort to show that they should remain in Sacramento.  Obviously you're not going to be able to make the game, but you can buy a couple of tickets for some that would like to go but can't.

So help another small market team stay where it should be.

  Sorry for the quickie DB this morning.  Hopefully it's enough to tide those of you working over until tomorrow.  When the games start up, I'll resume While You Were Sleeping and hopefully some other stuff.  Get outside now while the gettin' is good.