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The Downbeat - 23 February 2011 - #432 - The No Closer To A Trade Edition

   There's one door closed for a potential trade.  Troy Murphy was traded to the Warriors last night where he's expected to be bought out.  He's not likely to end up a Jazz man though given that anything the Jazz would pay him would be doubled given the luxury tax.  There's also been interest from a lot of other teams.

That doesn't mean that the Jazz couldn't still pull something off but it became even less likely now.

  A great graph from Hoopism on just how impressive Jerry Sloan's tenure was.  Click through for the graph.


The graph above is broken up by years. Each block represents one season. If a team had more than one coach then the block is broken up into slices. The intensity of the color maps to winning percentage with darker colors representing a higher win percentage. The black lines indicate a coaching change and the teams are ordered by number of coaches. Hover over the box to see the year/coach/record.

We've all heard the staggering numbers of coaches that have come and gone since Jerry Sloan began his tenure with the Utah Jazz. We wanted to to put something together that helped visualize just how impressive that run was. Only The Charlotte Bobcats have as few coaches as the Jazz over this time span, and they've only been in the league since 2004. The next fewest on the list doubles this amount with 6 different coaches (Houston and Miami).


  Chad Ford breaks down (Insider [They're also having a free trial of Insider on Facebook]) why the Knicks won't have enough cap space nor assets to get Paul or Williams,

Assuming the salary cap in 2012 is the same that it is this season ($58 million), the Knicks would be looking at $11.5 million in cap space in 2012. However, no one thinks the cap will stay the same. With the owners asking for major concessions from the players in the new collective bargaining session, the cap will most likely be considerably lower.

Even if the NBA lowers the maximum salary that players like Paul, Williams or Howard can make in 2012 or if it rolls back salaries on existing contracts, it's highly unlikely the Knicks will have the cap space to pay them anything close to the max. Virtually any lowering of salaries is likely to be proportional to the drop in the cap. So, at best, the Knicks will have $11.5 million in cap space. At worst, it could be considerably less.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here's Deron confronting Ken Berger,

Deron Williams Meets Ken Berger, Then Sets The Record Straight (via Truth About It)

  Jim Burton makes some good points on Tyrone Corbin,

Tyrone Corbin has the job he's always wanted: NBA head coach.

At this point, how he got it doesn't matter. It's his and with 25 games left in the regular season, Corbin can't afford to make excuses for himself or his Utah Jazz team.

Despite the past month's record, this team's goal is to still make the playoffs.  For a team that hasn't had a win in what seems like two months, there's a bit of pressure for Corbin to start winning and get this team into the post-season.  25 games will go by quickly.

  Did you feel that?  You may not have heard the news yet, but you might have felt a disturbance last night.  That's because The KOOF is now about 1000 miles closer to the SLC after he was traded from the Wolves to the Nuggets.  It's kind of fitting that he returns to where Boom Bitches was born.

The Wolves also extended the KOOF's contract.  He's signed through next season with an option for 2013.  That of course may not matter at all given next season's unsurety.

Only two more stops in the Northwest Division for the KOOF and then he can start building properties and charging high rent for other players that land in those locations.