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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Indiana Pacers

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Here we go. The start of something new.

Devin Harris and Derrick Favors start their Jazz careers tonight against the Pacers. Indiana almost had a trade of their own, landing OJ Mayo from the Grizzlies, but couldn't get the trade into the league in time. As it is, no Mayo and Josh McRoberts stays.

Not that it means that much this time around, but the Jazz beat the Pacers in Utah soundly, 110-88. Deron led the way in that game. How things have changed since December.

The Pacers are 10-4 over their last 14 but their biggest win has been against the Blazers. So the chance is there for a win. With a majority of the minutes going to the guys that have been with the team, they could have enough tonight to get a win.

The Jazz will be without Okur and Price.