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Karl Malone's Unbelievable Functions (Part 1)

We know Karl Malone is built country strong, and he's not a 'fake' person who will change who he is, how he dresses, or how he speaks depending on the company he is in.

You can just tell from this picture that the Mailman wasn't 'put up' to posing for this picture. This is genuine Karl Malone 100%. I'll tell you what, Malone is who he is. We all heard that glorious interview of his (on ESPN 700, via @Bittermormon and @SaltCityHoops on twitter). That said, sometimes he has to dress up a bit. Here are some exclusive pictures of him attending a number of Unbelievable Functions.

"Karl Malone say: Nazis are knuckleheads."

"Also, that there Depth Starr be gone out to space now."

"I paid all this money to see Prince in England, and this concert be too high concept to understand."

"If the Glove don't fit, it mean you best sell White Bronco for Toyota SUV."

"White House Gategrasher bring me here, and she introduce me to little Indixican girls. Also President Barry Alabama."

"Truly, truthfully, one of the most unbelievable functions Karl Malone ever git to."

If this is successful, you may see more of these in the future.