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The Downbeat - 4 February 2011 - #419 - The Sticking Edition

This wrist injury of Deron's could be one of the best things that has happened for the long-term success of the team. Deron says that he's differently since being sidle-lined. From the Trib:

Jazz guard Deron Williams said that he has seen the team in a new and sometimes different light while watching the last four games from the bench, due to a strained tendon in his right wrist.

One of the primary things that has caught his eye: The way that reserve point guard Earl Watson pushes the tempo at every opportunity.

Williams prefers to run when possible. But he acknowledged that there have been times this season when he pressed the accelerator, only to wonder where are the rest of his teammates.

Maybe that's why we're seeing Watson go 1 on 4?

He's also stated that he can see that the team still isn't executing like it should. Hopefully this stint on the bench will be a learning opportunity for both him and the rest of the team. We've seen how much better the team is when they're aggressive and active. Getting Deron back should improve upon that. Even if he can't go, he should be pointing things out in practices and shoot-arounds.

I'll bring this up again because it was mentioned after the loss against the Rockets that the offense was "sticking." There were various times when it would happen. Sloan said this (DesNews),

Sloan pointed out that the Jazz waited too long into possessions to make something happen late in the game, and veteran Raja Bell thought that was a consistent problem all night.

The ball is still sticking with Big Al. He's not the only one, but that's when I notice it the most. Booner made a point of it one time that Al had the ball for about 6 second late in one possession and had to force up a shot after getting double-teamed.

We'll see how the movement improves tonight.

Deron talking about his All-star selection with David Lock,

KFAN 1320AM - Listen: David Locke 1 on 1 with NBA All Star Deron Williams

Not making the All-star game before last season was something that obviously weighed on him. He's still appreciative of the experience and wants to continue to make the team, but he realizes that those appearances aren't what's important. I'm glad his focus isn't on the All-star game anymore.

Maybe after all of the injuries to the Blazer's players, guys will stop signing offer sheets there. I couldn't believe that even Matthews kept playing after this a couple nights ago. He came back in and got hurt a couple of more times.

Wesley Matthews rolls ankle severely -- Portland Trail Blazers vs. Denver Nuggets (via blazersedgeben)

I'm still working on the SLC Dunk night out. I couldn't get things together in time for the Bulls. What game(s) are best for everyone?