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John Stockton and Deron Williams as two time All-Stars: comparison and not a contrast

Two actual posts in one day? Woah, slow down there Amar. Yeah, yeah . . . I know. Anyway, I'm happy that Deron Williams was selected as an All-Star for the second time in his career. He should have been there sooner, in fact, he didn't have a bad shot as a soph (for what it is worth). Bygones being what they are, Deron is having one of the better seasons in the history of Jazz pointguard-dom. (Well, maybe one of the top 10 or top 15) What did John Stockton's stats look like during his first two regular seasons as an All-Star? Well, I'm glad you asked, because I crunched the numbers and yes, Stockton wipes the floor with him. Yes, the Jazz played at a faster pace and Stockton is the all-time leader in two categories in the history of the NBA. (That's not understood enough - how many categories is Bird the leader of? Or Magic Johnson? Or Michael McJordan?) (Yes, I linked the 'goat' with a brand of cheaply made food that's bad for your health.)

Instead of focusing on how Stockton averaged 2.9 steals over 160 games, or made smart gambles on defense, or even that he played in 97.6% of the available games during that period -- let's focus on what Deron does right. Deron Williams, who we all may have noticed has a habit of picking up dumb turn overs at times, still maintains a 3.0 assist to turn over ratio. He also averages a double double (a 20 and 10 no less). He gets to the line more and shoots more; thus putting more pressure on the defense with his penchant for actually scoring. (As opposed to Stockton's hypothetical threat to score) He's doing quite a few things that St.Stockton did not do, at this stage during their respective careers. The main thing is that he's a legit outside threat. Yes, the NBA game of previous decades did not focus so much on the long ball - this has something to do with it - but Deron is someone who has a very reliable step back jumper anywhere on the court.

I don't remember John Stockton ever taking a step-back jumper. Of course, he didn't have to, because he would have been able to drive for a layup, or drive and dish the ball. Stockton's work during these two seasons is remarkable, 14.1 apg with a 3.9 assist to turn over ratio -- epic. Stockton was more efficient all the way down the line (save for from deep or on the glass). One thing we have to remember, though, is that Deron Williams is "The Man" on this team, especially for long stretches. He's never had the opportunity to play with a guy with the skills and abilities on offense that Karl Malone oozed. Deron's second All-Star season isn't over yet (only halfway through this one), so we have some very positive things to look forward to this season.

As John Stockton fans we have the ability to be more appreciative of what Deron Williams brings, because right now he's not as efficient, but has a few more tools on the court to play with. One more thing, he's younger, bigger, and can defend shooting guards. And as Jazz fans, we're very lucky to have had John, and now have Deron.