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The Downbeat - 7 February 2011 - #420 - The Negative Sideburn Edition

Monday caption contest...

From fighting for one of the top spots in the West to this:

Currently, even eight games above .500 at 30-22, the Jazz are in the seventh spot — a half-game behind Denver (30-21) but only 2-1/2 ahead of No. 8 Portland (27-24).

Even scarier?

The Jazz are just three games in front of ninth-place Memphis (27-25) for the postseason bridesmaid spot — and the Grizzlies have won eight of 10.

Yikes. We'll still make the playoffs, but finishing in the bottom half of the bracket doesn't bode well for a playoff run. The good news from that DesNews article is that the optimism from the team seems to be up.

I've never seen the fortunes for the Jazz turn so quickly as they did against against the Thunder on Saturday. Bring back the early first-quarter deficits so that there's a comeback attempt at least.

The Jazz started out as hot as I've seen them this season. Then the Thunder seemingly could not miss. Part of that was from pick and rolls but it was mostly just fantastic shooting on OKC's part.

I could probably end the Downbeat with just this video. Perfect.

Negative Burns - A Tribute To Deron Williams (via JayGlauser)

Monday poll...