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Jerry Sloan Signs A One-Year Extention Through 2012 Season

I'll be back.
I'll be back.


"I didn’t need an announcement," Sloan said. "Hell, it’s not a big deal to me. And I don’t know what it does. Either one of us can go the opposite direction. I’ve been around long enough and they’ve been around long enough to know if they want to get rid of me, that’s all they have to do."

Sounds pretty much like every other time that he's signed an extension. No details were released of course and nobody had any idea that it happened until someone asked.

I imagine that when (if it ever happens) he decides to retire, it will be by similar means. Nobody will know that he's retired until he's a no-show at the draft. I guess there's a chance that some time comes when he doesn't have the perpetual one-year extension. Then you might know that he's planning on retiring. He'll likely keep signing them though so that he's not the subject of a retirement tour.

Tomorrow's news: Sun rises over the Wasatch Mountains in the east.