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Operation 82: March

Remember when we went 7-9 in January, and we felt badly about it? Yeah . . . moving on to March now:

Previous Operations: October, November, December, January, February

Last Month Review:

Last month our team went 3 and 9. We totally went through one of the worst months ever in franchise history. With Big Games (as I called them) against the Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, and Dallas Mavericks – we only won one of them. The first one. Being a punching bag for the better western teams this year is hard, but I guess it’s our turn this season to face that so many other teams have faced in previous years. We didn’t just lose games, but we also lost our franchise player (Deron Williams), our legendary head coach (Jerry Sloan), and our (essentially) honour with all this messy, dirty quotes coming out in the aftermath. It’s time to put all of that behind us, and March forward . . .


  • Total Games: 14
  • Home Games: 7
  • Road Games: 7
  • vs. Western Conference: 9
  • vs. West Playoff Teams (from last season): 3 (Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Mavericks)
  • Back to Back Sets: 3 (@MIN/@CHI , @HOU/@MEM , @OKC/vs NOR )
  • 3rd Game in four nights: 5 (@CHI, vs PHI, @OKC, vs NOR, vs DAL)
  • 4th Game in five nights: 1 (vs NOR)
  • 5th Game in seven nights: 1 (vs DAL)
  • Longest Home Stretch: 3 games in 5 nights
  • Longest Road Trip: 4 games in 6 nights
  • Nationally Televised Games: 1 (vs Denver on March 3rd)

Big Games:

Thursday, March 3rd: vs Denver Nuggets

This is a big game, a rival game, no matter what the era. They don’t have Carmelo Anthony anymore. We don’t have Deron Williams. We still have a number of parts that participated in last year’s playoff series. We no longer have a coaching advantage, but I think we have a better team. They have a number of guys who can take and make three pointers – which is always something to fear. However, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, and Andrei Kirilenko are getting the job done inside the paint. Furthermore, depending on the way things shake up, Mehmet Okur may be back for this game. Okay, that’s an outright fabrication. Memo would have masked a lot of problems this season, but his absence means we get to examine our roster a little more. I guess that’s the silver lining for losing a guy who averages 16 and 8 in a Jazz jersey (regular season and playoffs combined). This is a big game for the Nuggets as well, as both teams attempt to establish a new identity after trading away their franchise players.

Monday, March 7th: @ New York Knicks

This is, obviously, the Gordan Hayward revenge game against the team that traded him, back in pre-zygotic 1st round draft form, an eternity ago. I expect "Broadway Gordon" to step up big here and produce big, like all the previous NBA icons have (LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, etc). Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to be a competitive game. Just not one where The Precious dominates. This road trip also appears to exist at a good time, as Derrick Favors can take some time out to check his mailbox at his former apartment and feed his plants.

Saturday, March 12th: @ Chicago Bulls

I sold my tickets to this game. I don’t need to see Carlos Boozer’s "O" Face after he (and the rest of his crew) beat up on us at the end of a road trip. Four games in six nights isn’t easy. It’s "easier" than four in five, but it’s still not easy. Especially because the night before this game the Jazz are actually playing closer to home, then have to fly back out eastwards to face the Bulls. The Bulls are playing well now, but anything can happen when you’re a team that relies upon Ronnie Brewer for minutes at shooting guard.

Thursday, March 24th: vs New Orleans Hornets

Despite this game being the 2nd night in a back to back set, the 3rd game in four nights, and the 4th game in five nights I know the Jazz have a chance here because it will pit Deron Williams against Chris Paul. Wait. Check that. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

Revenge games: Monday, March 14th: vs Philadelphia 76ers; Monday, March 28th: vs. Washington Wizards

Losses to these teams brought about our downfall and regime change. It would be nice to return the favor and actually win some home games vs. Eastern Conference Lotto teams . . .


I’m really not good at this part. Depending on the month, I am either emboldened and pick too many wins, or fearful, and the team proves me wrong. Except, of course, for last month when I thought the Jazz would win 5 games in February, but instead won only 3. This month? I think the Jazz go 7-7. Obviously, I’m still high off of only losing to the Boston Celtics by 5 points at home.