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The Downbeat - 10 March 2011 - #443 - The Tweet The Doe Edition

   Remember how a couple of people went after CJ last season on twitter and then he went on a bit of a tear? Well, someone tweeted him again a couple of days ago:

Twitter / @C.J. Miles:
@apa219 yo don't EVER question me takin my career seriously or my work ethic .. I will take the criticism and I did play poorly but not that

That was after his 3/14 performance in NY.  So what does he do last night?  He goes for 9/17 overall and 2/4 from deep on his way to 23 points.  Then add to that 7 rebounds and 4 assists and you have one of the best nights of the year for CJ.

I think its ridiculous to go after him like that on twitter, but kudos to him for responding.  I don't know if that gave him a little extra motivation last night, but it's worked in the past as well.

  Congrats to DWill and his wife Amy on the birth of their son Desmond yesterday.  All is well with them.  What a month for Deron.  From All-star game, to Utah, to Dallas, to NJ, to London, back to Dallas for the birth of his son.  I'm not sure when he's slept in all of that.

Of course while he's out, the Nets go ahead and beat the Warriors.  They have the Clippers on Friday, a game that he'll miss.  Three wins in a row for the Nets is the most in two years.  We're not getting much love on the draft pick front or for the playoffs.

  Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans have an open invititation from Adam Watson (producer of Jim Rome is Burning) the next time they're in Los Angeles for dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant:

But I don’t think Hayward and Evans will really understand why people were outraged until they try some real Italian food. I can’t afford to fly them to Florence in the off-season, but I can take them out to dinner. And here in Los Angeles where Chompions is headquartered, we have our share of fine authentic Italian restaurants. So consider this an open invitation. The Jazz travel to Los Angeles on April 5.

He was also a former chef before getting into sports radio.

  March is still relatively young, but 10 days and 4 games in, Al is putting up up 29 & 9 while shooting 61% from the field.  He's likely going to continue to put up similar numbers as the Jazz rely upon him more and more with injuries piling up.  He was steady the first 2-3 months of the season but has rocketed the past month and a half.

Speaking of injuries, a bit overlooked in this season is the fact that Al has played in all 65 games this season.  He's two-years removed from tearing his ACL.  He also strained his Achilles later in 2009.  After the past several seasons of having core players hurt, it's good to have an iron man.

And if Al gets hurt now, I'm sorry.

  Thursday open poll...  Who from the current team is back next season with the Jazz (assuming there's a season to be had)?