The Jimmer from all angles

I know this is a Jazz Blog but the jazz could definitely draft the Jimmer. I am a current BYU student and grew up in Orem, I am going to do my best and leave my bias at the door, and I ask all the Ute fans to do the same.

Why we shouldn't draft the Jimmer

  • He is one short 2 guard. He is 6'2 at best (they list him as 6'3)
  • He doesn't play defense. To be far he is and has been asked by Coach Rose to save his energy for the offensive end. Even so his defense is still suspect.
  • He isn't quick, his lateral quickness is very suspect of being a good 1 in the nba.
  • He has a lot of turnovers.
  • He is not worth a pick 10 or above. IF we have the chance of drafting say a Harrison Barnes, or Derrick Williams, or Terrance Jones we need to do that 100% of the time

Why we should draft the Jimmer

  • This man is a scorer. If people have watched his game they wouldn't compare him to a J.J. Reddick, or a Jason Kapono. Yes he can Shoot with the best of them but he is great at driving to the hole and drawing contact. This is where he gets most of his points. He has a killer crossover and is very adept at splitting the defense (Mark Price like). He also is very shifty and is good at switching gears, to blow by the defense (Steve Nash like though not too Nashs caliber)
  • He is amazing with his ability to make ridiculously hard shots, Over a double team or a much taller defender. His shots are always contested, and he has incredible range.
  • This is a business, and he would fill seats for sure. Say what you want about him but he is the most exciting college player I have ever watched play.
  • If we don't make the playoffs we could draft him with our 14th lotto pick, are second lotto pick., or if we do make the playoffs, hopefully we can trade bell to minny for our original draft pick around the 15 16 range and draft the jimmer.
  • It will be interesting to see what he would do if he wasn't always, A) Double/tripled team, B) Guarded by some 6'8 athletic forward. One thing for sure is i think his turnovers would go way down
  • He is a better passer than he gets credit for keep in mind that he is an Amazing player on another wise average team. So the offense runs through him.
  • He has a high basketball IQ
  • The Jazz need a shooter, scorer.
  • He has a lot of heart and is super tough.
  • He does take a lot of shots to get his numbers but he is still highly efficient. His numbers have been getting better as this season goes on as well. Also keep in mind is how difficult the shots he is making are.
    2009-2010 BYU 31.1 22.1 3.1 4.7 2.7 1.71 1.2 .1 1.1 .458 .892 .440 1.53
    2010-2011 BYU 35.3 28.5 3.5 4.2 3.5 1.20 1.4 .0 1.3 .456 .891 .404 1.41

Jimmer Unknowns

  • I wonder what his numbers will be in the draft, as in his vertical and quickness. I have the suspicion that he is more athletic than he gets credit for, kind of like Gordon Hayward. I am going to say this and please take no offense anyone, but sometimes we automatically assume because they are white that they are not athletic. I am not saying that the Jimmer is as athletic as most NBA players because he is not but he may be more athletic than we give him credit.
  • How will he play defense, once he is asked too? My guess is that he will be able to guard a lot of back up point guards while get destroyed guarding the Roses and Rando's
  • Can he improve is 1 guard skills, because right now he is asked to be the 2 and the main offensive weapon, what will happen when he is not the number one option?
  • Draft unknown, I heard that the players union was trying to get some of the top underclassman prospects to boycott this draft, (does anyone else know about this) If this is the case which i sincerely hope it isn't we might need to draft him because no one else is around.

The Jimmer Verdict

  • Draft him with either our second lotto pick or trade not much for him.
  • Again do not draft him with our highest pick.
  • He has potential to be a star but will more likely be an excellent back up guard and bench spark, a good 6th man.
  • He is the best college player in the league but that doesn't necessarily translate to the NBA.

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