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The Downbeat - 15 March 2011 - #446 - The Start CJ Edition

  I'm not sure what more CJ needs to do get into the starting rotation.    He got the start over Bell last night though I don't know whether that was because Bell was hobbled a bit or whether he wanted to make a change.  Corbin didn't commit to starting CJ going forward.

He's not having the best shooting year but when he's out there to start, the team normally gets off to good starts.  He's been part of the top 5-man units all year and we know that he was part of the best 5-man unit the Jazz had.  He's fourth on the team in win shares and leads the guards in defensive win shares.  His defense and rebounding may be his biggest contributions this season.

Is he the long-term answer at the 2/3?  He's still relatively young and has a lot of years left in him, so he could be.  But at least for the immediate future, and certainly at least through the end of the season, he should be.

  A Wolf Among Wolves has a great breakdown of the plays that were involved NBA referee Bill Sooner's suit against a beat writer for tweeting that he would give Kurt Rambis a make-up call.

According to Krawczynski’s [beat writer] allegedly unfair and damning tweet, "Ref Bill Spooner told Rambis he’d "get it back" after a bad call. Then he made an even worse call on Rockets. That’s NBA officiating folks."

Scott Schroeder of SB Nation fame did some investigative work and went over the play-by-play to see if there was any evidence to the idea of the makeup call being made. He found that Patrick Patterson was whistled for two fouls within 40 seconds of the alleged makeup promise.

I would love to see this brought to debate in a courtroom.

I haven't been openly rooting against the Nets but I have been watching for the outcomes of their games.  They just won their 5th straight, including 2 without DWill, by beating the Celtics last night.   They still have a just a .2% chance of making the playoffs according to Hollinger's odds, but each win worsens our chances come this summer.  Right now it would be the 7th pick but with more wins it could go up to 10.

OGTime (I'm sticking with it) will be doing a live chat today on ESPN in time for the NCAA tourney.  He's teaming up with Subway (no OG?) for a charity:

Hayward is teaming with Subway in "Meatball Madness." To honor his Butler team making the title game as a No. 5 seed last year, if a No. 5 seed wins it all this year, Hayward has pledged to buy the $5 footlong meatball pepperoni sub for 5,555 fans.

If he does have to buy 5,555 subs, that comes out to $27,775.  That's about 4,000 endless bread stick and salad combos.

Chat starts at 1:45 MDT.

  Tuesday open poll...  If the Jazz address only one issue this offseason, it should be...