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Mehmet Okur Done For The Season

The Utah Jazz just announced on FSN Utah and KFAN that Mehmet Okur will be shut down for the season due to his recurring issues with his back and Achilles injuries.  Kevin O'Connor said they're going to go back to treating it as an injury and rehabbing it.  The back spasms he has would lead to irritating his Achilles more and vice versa.

Okur appeared in only 13 games for the Jazz this season, playing just 13 minutes a night off the bench.  He could never get into a playing groove and his impact for the team was limited.

It could have been a boost for the team this season had he been able to come back and contribute like the Memo of old.  I don't think he rushed back this season; the back spasms were an unforeseen circumstance.

So rather than the questions linger this season about Memo's availability, the Jazz decide to shut him down and look to the future.

With this news, I would expect that Marcus Cousin would get at least another 10-day contract.  He signed his first on March 8th.  So we should be hearing about that in the next day or two.

Best wishes to Okur as he continues his rehab.