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The Downbeat - 17 March 2011 - #448 - The St. Patty's NCAA Tourney Slacker Day Edition

  CJ's splits as a starter as opposed to coming off the bench aren't close this season.  In the 7 games he's started, he's put up 49% from the field and nearly 44% from the arc.  He's shooting close to those numbers in the month of March as well.

I love the  infusion on confidence that starting has given him.  Corbin's job now as a coach is to keep that confidence going.  Not only that, but if the Jazz are to ever become an elite team, Miles has to shoot greater than 40% on a consistent basis from the arc.   Some night's he's going to go 6/7 and others he'll go 0/7. 

His performances over the past few weeks, culminating with last night's performance, is what will ensure the Jazz pick up his option next season.

The Utah Jazz Blog has all of CJ's 40 points from last night.

Gordon Hayward was on Dan Patrick this morning.  It will air in SLC later today.  I believe his show starts at 11 on ESPN 700.  Some excerpts,

  • He said the shot against Duke is one that he had practiced a lot before and after that game.  He thought the shot was way off when he took it.
  • His "welcome to the NBA" moment was when AK was out against Denver and he had to go up against Melo.  In his words, he said he played 7 minutes and had 5 fouls.  He thought the refs were being hard on him as a rookie.
  • He was a shocked as everyone else at the DWill trade.
  • He said that Jimmer Fredette is more of a scorer than he is.   Hayward also thinks he could play in the NBA right now given the right system
  • When asked if he's ever asked anyone for an autograph, he replied no.  Then Patrick asked if he's asked anyone to get an autograph for him.  He said that he asked Bell to get Nash's autograph for him but he didn't come through.  CAN'T RAJA DO ANYTHING RIGHT????!!!!!  Dan said he would work to get him an autographed Nash jersey.

   I've declared the Jazz season over multiple times on twitter.  The latest was when Kevin Love hit a big three to squash any comeback hopes last Friday.

However, the Jazz of course still have a shot, though it is a daunting one.    We could know though by the end of March as to whether they'll make it.

The next three games are going to be tough.    On Sunday, they're at Houston who has now leaped the Suns in the standings and are just a game back of the Jazz.  Then, on a back to back, the Jazz head to Memphis whom they're trying to catch for that 8th spot.  I like these games because the Jazz don't have to rely on anyone else beating a team.  If they're deserving of a spot, they'll be able to get wins here.  To cap it off, they have to face OKC for their third game in four nights.  Even if they win the first two, a loss here would be a set back to the wins they gained.

After that road trip, it's back home to face the Hornets on another back to back.  So that's 4 games in 5 nights.  It's not looking promising.

  SBN has great coverage on the NCAA Tourney for all you slackers out there today.

  True or false...  If we would have had Memo healthy for the entire season, Sloan and Deron would still be with the Jazz.