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The Downbeat - 2 March 2011 - #437 - The Three Games In Edition

It's time to do what any rational fan would do and take three games worth of data since the DWill trade and extrapolate that over the next two years.

When Devin Harris has been on the floor, the team is dead even, giving up and scoring 114 points per 100 possessions.

In the limited time that Derrick Favors has been on the court, the team's offense is right at the season's average of 108 PP100. On defense though, the team give up just 104 PP100 with Favors on the court. The current season average is at 109 PP100.

Obviously it's ridiculous to use three games for your argument, but their differences are about the same as when they were with New Jersey. The Nets' defense was better when Favors was on the court and the offense was much better when Harris was on the floor.

I'm excited for Favors to develop into our defensive anchor.

Here's Deron talking with Jay Z for the first time. It's hard to make out the first bit but it sounds like Jay Z is saying that everyone has good things to say about Deron. Deron also talks about coming back from London and his wife being due on the 15th.

What slays me though is Beyonce in this vid. At one point she seems to be checking out DWill at one point and then who knows what's she's thinking about later.

Deron Williams Meets Jay Z (via TheMarlKalone)

A couple other DWill notes... The Nets have changed their entire offense for him with Avery Johnson saying they've thrown out about half their playbook. He also may not play in London.

Small player updates from Steve Luhm. Evans may still head to Orem to play for the Flash soon. Just what he he needs - a higher elevation (4,327 ft -> 4,756 ft) and slightly less gravitational pull.

Also, we finally got a Memo update. Luhm said he's returning to light work and will definitely return this season. When he does return, that increases the chance that Evans heads south.

Trey Kerby has a fantastic reenactment of Devin Harris getting stopped at the Gateway.

For now the team captain has yet to be set. Corbin has been going with a rotation. Brad Rock thinks he'll eventually settle in with Harris. So with that, here's Wednesday's poll,