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The Downbeat - 24 March 2011 - #453 - The What If Edition


 Injuries are something that every team has to deal with. Some have more than average. I wouldn't say that the Jazz have had more than their share. It does seem though that the timing of the injuries though haven't been good.

The lastest case being last night's game against the Thunder.  Andrei had been shutting down Durant on the night and yet on a hustle play, he ends up going down.  Not coincidentally, Durant then goes off in the third.YOu have to wonder if the season would have gone differently had Deron not injured his wrist on gone into a shooting slump. How would the team have been had Memo been here for the majority of the season?

On the flip side, we've been fortunate that Jefferson has been able to play every game after spraining an Achilles when he was with the Wolves and tearing his ACL before that. CJ Miles has also stayed healthy.

Injuries are part of the game but you have to wonder what team we would have now had we been a little more fortunate.

  The season may have been beyond saving at that point, but what if Corbin had used the coaching change as an opportunity to insert CJ into the lineup right then?  If the Jazz were able to throw together a winning streak then, would they have been able to trade Deron right then?  I know the primary reason that's stated for the trade is that Deron wouldn't commit to re-signing with the Jazz but if the team was winning, I think there would have been pressure to keep him.

  Hayward's girlfriend tweeted that he wanted a rat for his 21st birthday.  Is that a prelude to a marriage proposal?  Getting a pet as a couple is a pretty big committment, right?  If it were just for him, who's going to take care of it when he's gone for a week at a time?  Maybe it can live in his pocket like Brooks'?

  After last night's game, what are the odds that Millsap chokes a ref this season?  75%?

  Open poll...  Who gets the team award for most improved and why?