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Game Thread - Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz

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The Mavericks kick off a brutal 7-game road trip tonight as they jostle for playoff positioning in the West. They're a relatively safe three games up on OKC but only a game and a half back of the Lakers for the two spot.

They were fantastic in November, December, and February but were barely above .500 in January and March. They're 5-5 over their last 10 and have lost all of their games against western playoff teams. Their lone win over a playoff team was against the Knicks. With the way New York has played since the Carmelo trade, that's not saying a lot either.

The Jazz will continue to play hard tonight but it's going to be tough to slow down Dallas' offense. Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion have both been tearing it up over the last 10 games while Jason Terry has been shooting great as well.

The Mavs will also give up a lot of points though as well. For the Jazz to stay in this one, Sap and Al are going to have to have big games, but they're going to have to have help. This would be a great night for CJ to get to catch fire.